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Rosa Elia
Spanish Professor

  • CDMX



I have been teaching Spanish for more than eleven years in a structured , academic and business form. My profesional experience as a certified spanish teacher involves teaching to the following audiences : Foreign service personnel in based in Mexico ( embassies and comercial attachés) , expats and business people from companies on assignment in Mexico , family members of foreign people who have enrolled for spanish courses at the National University of Mexico , Mexico’s most renowned University.

I live in Mexico City. Since I was a student at Junior High I had a very strong interest in three subjects: History, Spanish and Literature. Therefore, when the time arrived to decide which major to choose for college it was a natural choice , I chose Language and Hispanic Literature , I was in love ( and still am ) with spanish language and wanted t read everything that was written about it.

While I was studying my major I discovered linguistics and learned that it had a lot of usage for teaching spanish as a foreign language . I started to research how could I learn and enhance my knowledge in linguistics and how to apply it to teach spanish. I found out about a course which was given at the UNAM , the course was Diploma in teaching of spanish as a second language, the área that held this course was Center for the Teaching of Foreigners at the UNAM. Only a couple of months after finishing my Diploma I was offered a position at the office of CEPE ( Center for the teaching of foreigners ) with headquarters at Polanco county ( where most of the embassies are based) . Ever since I’ve given courses there without interruption for eleven years at every posible level and subject. From basics to advanced and from conversation to writing skills.

In that period I have also been asked to give classes as an independent teacher for ambassadors, business people their direct families , students and people preparing for their certificate in Spanish. In this period time my skills and tools were also enhanced. I took updated courses, some of them are : Course-Workshop: Updating in Methodology for Spanish Teachers; Course-Workshop: Complexity in the Interpretation of the Linguistic Usage in the Intercultural Dialogue in an ELE classroom; Online Course Accreditation of SIELE Evaluators: Speech and Oral Interaction Test, Instituto Cervantes, Spain. I had also a participation as a Lecturer: “Teaching of the aspectual distinction between past tense and imperfect tense” in the First Internal Symposium. Venue: CEPE- Polanco.

I am a firm believer in the utmost importance of updating constantly my skills and going back to the classroom to acquire new habilities. There is always new techniques to learn and the industry is advancing at a fast pace. That is the reason why last year I started Master Degree in Applied Linguistics to Spanish Teaching as a Second Language . I ‘m currently at 50 % of the masters which I will finish next year. I´ve been using some of these skills in my private practice and are eager to end to have the full scope of tools to utilize. Along with courses directly related to my field I have also taken classes at the Cineteca Nacional and courses in english and portuguese.

I´m 100% sure my passion for teaching languages is effectively transmitted in every single class I give and are sure that I took the right path in exposing people to the richness of the spanish language.

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