Spanish Alive

Julieta Bueno
Spanish Professor

  • CDMX



Julieta studied Graphic Design in UAM (2003) and she studied a master in creativity for design in INBA (2013). In the 2005 she was certify in Achievement in Teaching Spanish to non-Spanish speakers. From this time she has been able to combine both activities, Design and Spanish teaching. She has attended and presented in internal colloquiums from CEPE and she has collaborated in Spanish language publications from CEPE.

She currently works as a Spanish teacher as a second language in CEPE (Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros), UNAM, Spanish Alive and other institutions. She has supported, as Spanish teacher, travellers, students, researchers, executives for multi-national business, embassadors, diplomatic staff and their wives from different nationalities around the world.

In 2006, she spend a short period on work training in Los Angeles, USA, in ESELA, (Extension School from the CEPE-UNAM), then she worked as Spanish Professor for Global Spanish (Spanish school) and in “LaSalle” University, Crown World Mobility, etc.

Since she was young, she was interested in languages and foreigner culture, because of that she has the opportunity to travel to many countries and she has contact with different languages. She loves printed books, design in all its aspects, and nature.

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