Who are we?

"Spanish alive" provides a place where foreign students can accomplish their learning objectives within a relaxed and engaging environment.

We love to receive students from all over the world, different nationalities and different ages.

Liz Elliott & David Elliott

Director British Council Mexico

"One of the great pleasures of our time in Mexico has been our Spanish classes with Gabi.

While always highly professional, she also injects a sense of fun and enthusiasm into her teaching, bringing the language alive and giving us the confidence to speak out and use it."

‎Dominique Schulenburg

Student - Tequisquiapan

Back from my second Spanish immersion weekend with Gaby, fired up and ready to practice my new verbs, tenses and vocabulary!!

Gaby has a talent that is pretty incredible. Not only is she a truly lovely person; so fun to be with, so kind and so thoughtful, but she is able to explain Spanish in a way that demystifies the language, breaking it down into bite sized chunks that enable a steady and solid progression. I really look forward to my weekly Spanish lessons and cherish the memories gained during the immersion weekends! I can’t recommend her enough!

Hannah Murray

Game of Thrones Actress

"I took private sessions with Gaby for several weeks while working in Mexico City in 2015. From the very first session I was impressed by how much we were able to achieve working one-on-one together. My Spanish was very limited at that point, but Gaby still enabled us to have a conversation in Spanish.

As the sessions went on my confidence and fluency increased much faster than I had expected, and I remember in our final week of sessions thinking "This is amazing, I'm actually having fluent conversations in another language" which had always felt impossible to me, particularly as I had always struggled with speaking whenever I had studied languages before. I was particularly impressed by how personal Gaby's approach was, how much she tailored our sessions to my particular needs and interests, and focused on teaching me the things that would be most practically useful to me.

I also found her a wonderful person to spend time with - really warm and engaging and fun. I always looked forward to our sessions and found myself trying to fit in as many as my schedule would allow. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Azam Ahmed

NY Times Director

"Gaby is not only a wonderful teacher, with a deep understanding of the pedagogy, but she is also an extremely fun and engaging companion.

She makes the lessons light and fun while also ensuring you are grasping important concepts and skills."

‎Sally Franks

Student - CDMX

I had a great four days away with Spanish Alive. My Spanish really improved with total immersion.

Maria Gabriela Portilla planned lessons to suit my ability and activities that included shopping, yoga, gathering information and eating out. Spanish Alive suits all abilities and I would recommend them on my experience.


We believe that by acquiring a real knowledge of the language and culture of Mexico, our students can better adapt to the life in Spanish-speaking countries.


We provide a place where students can accomplish their learning objectives within a relaxed and engaging environment.


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